TRSM votes yes to new $50 fee

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Rebecca Burton
News Editor

Students in the Ted Rogers School of Management have voted yes in the Nov. 7-10 referendum to collect a new $50 student fee to support a business-specific career services centre.

Of the 2,145 votes cast, 1,851 students voted yes in comparison with the 294 students opposed. This accounts for 22.68 per cent of students eligible to vote. There was no minimum quorum to determine the vote because it was a referendum, as long as the 50 per cent plus one threshold was met.

The fee will be officially collected starting in September 2012. To fund the program, $750,000 will come from the proposed student fee and the remaining $250,000 will come from the school’s budget.

The initial proposal was brought to the Board of Governors on Sept. 6, 2011.

“They demonstrated that the cost for their career centre is far less than most and I don’t think there was one university that had a lower fee than what they were proposing,” said President Sheldon Levy, in an article on Nov. 2 with The Eyeopener.

Compared to 14 business schools in Canada and the U.S., Ryerson ranked last in career services yet first in enrolment, with one in every eight applicants accepted.

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  1. No wonder student union groups are always saying tuition fees are so high. Look what are being added–the radio program thing, and now this. @.@ and there’s those fees we are already paying for but can’t even use–the athletics fee. and what is this WUSC Student Refugee Program fee? … the list of fees goes on. I’m not against having this service, but there’s already other services that we’re already paying for and now this. @.@

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