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My first sex club

At a swingers’ club you can normally expect to find older couples looking to play, but what about lusty university students seeking a good time? Our anonymous reporter tells her tale of group sex experimentation

It turns out my comfort spectrum extends a lot further than I thought it did. I’m not opposed to sleeping with a stranger, but picking up a stranger at a bar seems a lot different than going to a sex club as a single woman with the intent of getting laid.

I went to the Oasis Aqualounge on a Thursday night. The club sits in an old mansion on the corner of Mutual and Carlton streets, just north of campus. It’s studentfriendly with a discount of $60 per couple — but lucky me, single ladies get in for just $20.

I arrived just after 10 p.m. and the club was empty with the exception of two female bartenders. Upon learning that I was a first-timer, one of the ladies happily offered me a tour.

She took me from the first floor bar to the heated outdoor pool, then back inside to see the hot tub, steam room and sauna. The second floor had a locker room (I received a key for my locker when I got there, clean towels were on the house) and a sex dungeon complete with a chain and leather sex swing.

I asked if it was usually this quiet on a Thursday, and they said it was. But that made it a great night for first timers to come in to give it a try.

The entrance beeped and the bartenders went nuts. Two couples walked in. I eyed them up for a moment and considered how my night could potentially go. I went upstairs, slipped out of my dress and into a towel and headed down to the pool.

The two couples were already there. There was Mark* and his girlfriend Karen* and Leila* and her husband Caleb*. They were friendly, a little bit silly, great friends with each other and very obviously attracted to their respective partners. They were fun, fit and charming people.

I was invited to join them inside. Mark, Karen and I went up first and headed over to the Red Room which is a doorless space with a plushy red mattress that spreads from wall-to-wall and one-way windows that look in from the Red Bar. Perfect for a voyeur.

I told Karen I had never done this before. She looked puzzled. I was referring to group sex. She said that no one said anything about fucking. Sometimes the four of them would just hang out at the lounge. She was so natural about it I almost forgot that she was completely naked and I was wearing nothing but a towel.

The others joined us and we sat around on the bed fully exposed. Upon hearing that I was 20, they had a laugh at my age. I learned that Mark was the youngest of the group at 31 and Caleb was the oldest at 38.

I thought for a moment about how often someone my age got into a situation like this. None of my friends, that I’m aware of, had ever engaged in anything more than a threesome, and that was usually more of a one-off experience with some help from alcohol. Sex clubs, orgies and swinging just aren’t comfortable for our age group to talk about, likely because most of us aren’t quite comfortable with ourselves and what we want sexually. These new friends, on the other hand, have had the time and experience to learn what they like. Plus, having been together longer, they feel less insecure about sharing their partners. Most of us in our early 20s haven’t evolved quite that far yet.

As we talked, Mark was lightly rubbing my back and I his. His other hand was on Karen’s leg, and she was lying between her boyfriend and Caleb. He would occasionally touch my leg from across the bed.

Then Karen perched coyly in front of Mark and started to suck his cock as I watched. She motioned me over, so I went. I was bent over sucking his dick when I felt him slip a finger inside of me. I was already wet. I started to work Mark with my hands while I looked over at Caleb and Leila.

Caleb came over and I started to suck him off while Mark finger-fucked me. Caleb and Leila were kissing and touching and Karen came around behind me and started to eat me out. I had never expected to do this. And if I ever thought I might, I had never expected to enjoy it this much.

While it was new to me, at no point did I feel uncomfortable, or even overwhelmed. Reaching out to a third or fourth body came easily and I let my desires take over to do what they pleased. Mark got up to get his Trojan Magnums. He was fantastically well endowed.

I assume this is why they opted to bring their own condoms rather than use one of the Durex that were stocked in baskets in every room. I crawled over to Karen and started licking her, perhaps a little too eagerly.

“Slowly,” she instructed me.

I obliged, drawing my tongue from her cunt to her clit in long, slow laps. I slipped a finger inside of her and was surprised by how tight she was. She let out a moan.

Karen gently pushed me onto my back and Mark knelt over me. His girlfriend was going down on me as I put my mouth around his cock for a second time.

I pushed Karen onto her back and asked her what she liked.

“I like watching my boyfriend fuck other girls,” she said.

I was bent over Karen, my eyes in line with her tits, and Mark came up behind me and slipped his fingers in me again.

Karen asked Mark if I was ready.

I looked at her and nodded. I wanted to be fucked, badly.

Mark slid into me, slowly at first and then faster. Karen was talking to him, telling him how much she could tell I liked it.

“She wants it deeper baby,” she said.

That was the second time Karen and Mark had exchanged words about me without actually talking to me. I realized that their emotional connection meant that I was not on equal ground with them. While I was enjoying the act, I didn’t feel that I was much more than an animated sex toy.

That was sexy in a way, but that realization detracted from the experience. Here I was, bookended by two halves of a committed relationship, having no emotional connection to either of them. But you don’t notice it missing in the average one night stand.

When sex occurs between two strangers, there isn’t any reminder of what an emotional touch would add. You are using each other, but you can ignore that aspect and enjoy it knowing that all involved parties are getting the same thing out of it.

This isn’t so easy while kneeling over another woman while her boyfriend penetrates you.

I started pushing my hips back into him, feeling him get further inside me until it almost hurt. I could hear Leila and Caleb beside us but I couldn’t concentrate enough to look at them.

I came first, dropping my face to Karen’s breast as I lost control, and then again when Mark did.

I felt my body relax and as Mark slipped out. He leaned forward and kissed Karen, in a long and sensual way. These weren’t two people trying to reignite a dying flame. Their chemistry was undeniable.

Karen kissed me, and I twisted my head and kissed Mark, still tucked tightly between them both.

Mark left to throw out the condom, but Caleb and Leila were still going. He had her bent over, legs spread with her face to the mattress. I watched, still in the clutches of post-orgasm daze.

Karen crawled over to them, her breasts perched on Leila’s back, and started talking dirty to Caleb. Caleb came and the five of us went back to chatting casually. It was bizarre in a way, but it felt comfortable — even normal.

Then I realized what time it must have been — easily past 2 a.m. — and remembered that I had class in the morning.

“What, you’re going to kiss and run?” said Caleb, jokingly.

I couldn’t help but smile at his implication of polite social etiquette in that particular scenario. I went around the circle and gave everyone a kiss goodnight. There it was.

I had been to a sex club. Would I go again? Absolutely. I loved the venue, the staff were exceptionally friendly, as were the clientele (even before I slept with them). Having done it, I don’t think group sex is my thing — at least not on a regular basis.

But I’m glad I tried it. That doesn’t mean I won’t be a repeat customer, but maybe I’ll bring a friend along next time. If I learned anything, it was that I prefer being the main event during sex.

It may be a little conventional, but I’ll return to the routine of myself and one other partner. Go ahead and call me a prude. I dare you.

*Names have been changed


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