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Fanshawe Riot Leads To Serious Consequences

Hannah Lector, Interrobang

What started out as a party spiraled out of control on St. Patrick’s Day on Fleming Drive this past weekend.

Fleming Drive, located near the college, is a student enclave with a history of violent crimes and out of control parties, though none as large as this year’s incident, where around 1,000 people were involved in a riot that included thrown beer bottles, destroyed property, police vehicles pelted with bricks, police officers assaulted and a CTV news van set on fire. Initial estimations of the cost of the damages caused to vehicles, street pavement and light standards, as well as cleanup costs for the neighbourhood and personnel were close to $100,000.00.

“Last night London experienced the worst case of civil disobedience that our community has ever been subjected to,” said London Police Chief Brad Duncan at a March 18 news conference. “Never in my 32 years as a police officer have I observed behaviours that escalated to the point that there was risk that individuals could be seriously hurt or killed.”

“The Fleming Drive area has been the subject of much discussion over the last several years and recently our efforts during Project LEARN, our fall back-to-school initiative, was seemingly making a big difference in terms of negative student behaviour,” he continued. “I reference students; however, we are aware that the large street parties, that have been the pattern for the area, also attract other attendees who are not necessarily students.”

Fanshawe College President Dr. Howard Rundle added that while there were hundreds of Fanshawe College students present at the riots, the crowd also included underage students from area high schools, students from other institutions and visitors from out of town.

Six Fanshawe students were charged by police and placed on suspension by the College over the weekend, and another two students were suspended Monday morning. London Police have not yet released their names or specific charges of the 13 suspects are currently facing charges.

Rundle said he was “extremely disappointed in the behaviours of all individuals who were involved in the incidents” and said he is taking the matter very seriously. “This is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. It will not be excused … We will not have students who behave this way in our college community,” he said.

“Moving forward, it is obvious that the students and residents in the area are under the illusion that they can engage in unlawful behaviour; that they can commit serious criminal offences with impunity; and that they can reject the lawful authority of police and other emergency services personnel,” said Duncan. “As Chief of Police, responsible for the safety and security of our citizens, I can emphatically state that we will not tolerate this lack of respect for our community, our laws and specifically this neighbourhood. I have directed that we maximize our resources in terms of visibility and strict law enforcement. We already have a team of investigators reviewing statements, video and witness information.”

“We need to focus on working together with police and the city to ensure this never happens again,” Rundle added.

To assist in the investigation, the College has set up an email account for people to forward video and/or information about the incident: If anyone has any information that may help this investigation they are asked to call the London Police Service at 519-661-5670 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. Tips can also be sent anonymously online at


  1. J Davidson

    It is very unfortunate that the acts will not likely be dealt with in a serious manner. Students will likely be suspended for a few weeks instead of beings forbidden to be on campus ever again. Tuition should be surrendered to the college to pay for the damage done.
    Students involved should be treated as adults and serve the full sentence that adults would serve for the same civil disobedience. This has to stop everywhere. Saying you are getting serious is just not enough.

  2. Brian

    There is more of an underlying issue here. Good students who suddenly turn into vicious inconsiderate animals must have more to it….

  3. hd

    1. Get the state to monopolize selling booze (a highly addictive drug)
    2. Sell as much booze to citizenry and get them addled on the state’s juice
    3. Using a command-and-control economy to sell as much booze for a profit
    4. Use the profits to weaponize the state (policing, etc)
    5. Control citizens with brute force and coercion (laws based on a monopoly on force) while msm journalists craft savvy propaganda to fool the masses

    Using organized violence to sell drugs and threaten unarmed people with weapons is totally cool. Defending yourself against a paramilitary squad that shows up for a block party with flash bangs, tear gas, and machine guns is unacceptable, though.

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