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Our second series on the Digital Media Zone’s projects features Greengage, an app that helps you live a sustainable lifestyle.

By Astoria Luzzi


The Voice: Lindsey Goodchild

What is it: A mobile app that engages people in living a sustainable lifestyle, while providing feedback and rewards for their actions.

What sparked the idea: “Initially we got started because I was a sustainability consultant and I was working for companies in government doing these long-term sustainability plans.  I felt as though when it came to implementing strategies and making them happen it was sometimes difficult to keep people involved.

“Then a kind of fluke thing happened, I walked past a poster that asked for ideas on how to create some mobile apps that helped to address sustainability problems in business.  So I had an idea of those problems, had an idea of a solution, I put that forward and that’s actually how this all got started”. She decided to quit her job and went on to build a software team.

Benefit to Ryerson Students: Students, staff and faculty will receive tips for campus sustainability and information about sustainable things on and around campus like local food markets, how to get back to nature, what restaurants use local ingredients, and where to get the most sustainable types of beer.

“There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening in and around this campus that we want to share with students, and so as students use the app and start to understand what’s happening around them they earn points. As they do the sustainable thing or make a sustainable choice they earn points and then the university will reward them with gift cards or different types of prizes.”

Launch Date: During Orientation Week at Ryerson

How to get access: During Orientation week, Greengage team members dressed in green will be running around campus giving out candy and pamphlets which will feature QR codes which can be scanned to download the app. Posters with QR codes will also be around campus.

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