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Ceiling falls, Rye staff says everything is A okay

By Yara Kashlan


A picture has surfaced on of what appears to be parts of ceiling tiles, broken on the floor, from Ryerson University’s Victoria building.

The photo has prompted concern amongst students about the Ryerson’s allocation of funds.

However, Ryerson administration has stated that Ryerson students and staff are safe on campus.

“It seems to us that the picture was taken in summer after the big July flood and has just surfaced,” said Julia Hanigsberg, Ryerson University’s vice president of administration and finance., a website that encourages people to submit material with an entertaining content, has not revealed the source or any information about the picture on their website.

“Almost all the repairs have now been completed for the flood-affected areas,” said Hanigsberg.

The Victoria building renovations and repairs have cost the university $868,000 so far, according to Hanigsberg. Even so, Ryerson students’ said that they are not confidant in the safety of the structure of the university.

“I don’t feel safe after [hearing that] the ceiling fell down. The classrooms are really worn down,” said Priya Jhaveria, a first-year psychology student.

Hanigsberg said that the school has the same focus on the safety of students and staff in the building.

“Safety of our community is extremely important to us,” said Hanigsberg.

Various initiatives have taken place and are schedule to ensure student safety on campus.

“We have scheduled classroom inspections across campus to make sure that no spaces have been overlooked,” said Hanigsberg.

Various upgrades took place during the summer at Ryerson. The investments cost $5.8 million.

The projects “aim to improve and enhance Ryerson’s learning and teaching environment, including upgrades to labs, classrooms and student spaces,” said Hanigsberg.

With the Victoria building being affected, questions are being raised about other buildings on campus.

“We are an urban university with a number of old buildings in our campus. Our EHS team undertakes regular inspections of all our existing building,” said Hanigsberg.

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