GCM group organizes fashion fundraiser. PHOTOS COURTESY VINH TRAN.

An illuminating fundraiser

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By Tina Mgonja

A group of graphic communications management students are hard at work putting the finishing touches on their second annual fundraising fashion show, Luminous.

Previously called Cabin Fever, this year’s show has been given a “re-branding,” said Alina Gula, the fundraising director for the Ryerson Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (RyeTAGA).

“We expect this year’s show to be bigger and better than the last,” she said.

The student-run event takes inspiration from 1940s crime dramas with a film noir theme, said Anna Avitsian, the music director and one of the main coordinators for the show. In black and white garments, the models will walk down a runway featuring film clips, photography and music influenced by that era, she said.

RyeTAGA is a student group made up of over 100 students from the graphic communications management (GCM) program which aims to teach about new technology and research within the graphic arts industry. The fashion show, brought together by about 25 of the members, is a way for the group to raise money to attend an annual TAGA conference, said Gula. To raise more money, the fashion show has to be based on a zero dollar budget.

While the clothing and accessories that will be showcased are provided by the show’s sponsors, Ryerson fashion design student Luan Zhang and GCM student Krista Brown will also be showcasing some of their previously-made designs at the show, said Avitsian.

“I actually didn’t know about the film noir theme until recently,“ said Zhang, a fourth-year student. “I sent Alina [Gula] some pictures of garments that I have made throughout my years at Ryerson and she chose the ones that fit the film noir aesthetic. I hope that the audience enjoys the garments as much as I did making them.”

Preparation for the show has been continuous since October with Gula and Avitsian coming back from last year’s show. Along with other members, they put together a promotional campaign and scouted for clothing and models, said Avitsian. Unlike last year, the committee was able to get more sponsors to work with them with experience gained from the show’s debut, she said.

“The process can be frustrating and stressful at times,” said Gula. “When things don’t go so smoothly it can be discouraging but overall, the successful end product is very rewarding.”

Luminous will take place at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club. Doors will open at 9 p.m. on March 13.

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