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Rams ride in style: Ryerson adds custom design to bus

By Daniel Morand

The Ryerson Rams added a new coach bus to its fleet wrapped with a custom design that is primarily being used for road trips. The Rams’ current contract with Coach Canada offered the opportunity for this new bus to take shape — a Rams logo plastered across the front of the bus is coupled with various athletes along the side.

This past summer, Rams’ staff had the chance to vote on three different concepts created by the Rams’ in house graphic designer Allison Payne.

“One (design) was about our building, the Mattamy Athletic Centre. The other was about our fans,” Payne said, “We decided that we wanted to showcase the experience of being here. That was the one that was voted on pretty overwhelmingly.”

Rams associate director Stephanie White says that designing the bus was something the Rams have wanted to do for a couple years, but finally had the time to make it happen this year.

“We’re going to rotate the bus through all the teams and continue to make sure there’s a level of equity amongst the teams,” says White. “We also want to make sure we get that bus all around Ontario. We’ll do things like consider a trip to Windsor, that might be a priority.”

The 47-seat bus is part of the Rams contract with Coach Canada that allows them to use numerous buses on a regular basis. Only one of the buses features the Rams design, but it is not uncommon to have as many as four teams on the road at the same time.

The bus’ main priority is to transport teams, but the athletic department has not ruled out its use for taking fans to home games at locations like Monarch Park. Its availability is dependant on whether or not teams are on the road. There is no price tag on the bus itself because the wrap is a feature in the contract that the Rams Rams currently have.


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