Director of the Social Media Lab, Anatoliy Gruzd

Photo: Robert Foreman

Social media lab opens at Ryerson

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By Deni Verklan

The Social Media Lab, a digital hub where researchers and students can explore and analyze themes on social media platforms through visual data analysis, is now open at Ryerson.

Anatoliy Gruzd, the director of the Social Media Lab, recently moved the lab from Dalhousie University in Halifax to Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM).

“Ryerson is known as a leader of digital media research,” Gruzd said. “For me, as a researcher, it’s really important to be in the environment that fosters that type of research and innovation because that way it would also attract students interested in that type of work.”

The lab is used to analyze trends on social media — such as tweets, blog posts, comments — and summarize the data into a visual layout to conclude themes about groups.

Gruzd is still looking for a physical space for the Social Media Lab on campus and is currently accepting project proposals from students wanting to do social media research.

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