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Slang terms you left behind in high school/middle school

By Behdad Mahichi

We all remember the days where no one at school actually spoke English, but a bunch of silly slang instead. Graduating high school came with graduating from certain words, and leaving those words behind was for the best. Here’s a look back to the hideous words that were once commonly used:




Definition: Being very irritated and angry.

“Man, I was so cheesed when Ralph took all my weed.”



Definition: An upscale automobile.

“Ralph just got a sweet new whip. I’ll knock him out, you take his keys!”



Definition: Gangster term for “man”, but with a “g” at the end to show you don’t give a flying falafel about how things are done.

“Sup mang what’s cookin’ in da hood?” 



Definition: Something/someone that radiates entertainment and has made you very enthused.

“This party’s going to be a banger! Just don’t invite Ralph.” 



Definition: An expression making reference to putting in all the effort you can.

“C’mon Ralph, man up and just giv’r!”


FTB (For The Boys)

Definition: When something is done specifically for males, and not the females.

“Dude man bro, just did a 15-second keg stand… FOR THE BOYS! Just not for Ralph.”



Definition: Cordially persuading a person of interest to greater physical contact.

“Check it out, Ralph’s wheeling like three girls tonight.”



Definition: Having a hazy, unfocused mind after consuming copious amounts of marijuana.

“Punch Ralph in the face! He’s too fried to care.”



Definition: To spew a collection of insults.

“Ralph didn’t give a fuck! He just kept chirping the teacher.”


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