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Sunshine List and commercial bouncy castles

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By Josh Beneteau, Jackie Hong and Behdad Mahichi

More than 1,000 Ryerson University employees made a salary of at least $100,000 in 2014.

Ontario’s public sector salary disclosure list, known as the “Sunshine List,” names employees in the public sector who were paid a salary of $100,000 or more before taxes, along with their employers and job titles. The list for 2014, released on March 27, lists 1,022 Ryerson employees, including professors, administration members and librarians, among the province’s top earners.

Collectively, Ryerson’s 1,022 names earned $146,845,979.30 in salary and $853,314.71 in benefits in 2014, for a total of  $147,699, 294.01.

Between all the professors, assistant professors, associate professors and instructors (the four positions for teachers) there are 661 people on the list. The highest paid teacher is Alexander Ferworn, a professor in the department of computer science. He made $241,619.81 last year, with $1,052.10 in benefit claims.

Here are the top six salaries compared to things you can buy:


Sheldon Levy

President of Ryerson

Salary- $370,475.04 Benefits- $19,000

President Sheldon Levy could buy around 169 dual-slide commercial bouncy castles from and bounce around yelling “I’M THE KING” if he felt like it.


Wendy Cukier

Vice President Research and Innovation

Salary- $366,223.54 Benefits- $1,269.60

At an estimated cost of $2.50, Wendy Cukier could buy around 146,997 ear plugs with her salary. Ear plugs would come in handy in a job where you are forced to hear the word ‘innovation’ a million times a day.


Mohamed Lachemi

Provost and Vice President Academic

Salary- $349,999.96 Benefits- $1,269.60

Mohamed Lachemi could take his annual salary to Costco and buy 87 steam saunas if he wanted to. Lachemi doesn’t even have to share.


Adam Kahan

Vice President University Advancement

Salary- $338,766.60 Benefits- $10,869.60

Adam Kahan could buy around 4,113 unicycles from Walmart and demand city hall for more unicycle lanes. Also, since when does Walmart sell unicycles?


Julia Hanigsberg

Former Vice President Administration and Finance

Salary- $306,589.72 Benefits- $2,798.68

Julia Hanigsberg could buy a total of 29,136 One-Touch Staplers from Staples, so that no one will have to touch a stapler more than once, ever again.


Elisabeth Stroback

Executive Lead, Capital Project and Real Estate

Salary- $287,498 Benefits- $1,076

Elisabeth Stroback could enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Denny’s everyday for 15 years with her 2014 salary, given that she spends around $50 worth of food everyday.




Madeline Lefebvre

Chief Librarian 

Salary- $193,375.30 Benefits- $941.88

Reshelving books can be a dull task — but no worries. Madeline Lefebvre can buy Kendrick Lamar’s new album 12,954 times over and over again. All the librarians will be ordered to jam out to his tunes while shelving.

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