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UPDATE: Organs found on campus believed to be from cow

By Keith Capstick and Farnia Fekri

UPDATE: Constable Victor Kwong,Toronto Police Services media relations officer, said an arts student has claimed responsibility for the organs but the police will continue with their investigation.

Fourth-year psychology student Sabrina Calandra said the arts student could be the same one taking pictures of bodily organs in the basement of the image arts building last night.

“I was working in the studio last night and a student was shooting a photo with an animal brain and heart,” she said. “It may be a coincidence and a different heart.”


A heart and other bodily organs have been found on Ryerson’s campus.

Ryerson put a statement out on Twitter saying the organ is believed to be a cow heart and that they will continue to provide updates as police provide them.

According to Toronto Police Services media relations officer, Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu, police were notified at around 8:45 a.m. this morning.

Ryerson security was seen around the garbage can in front of the Chang School building at the time.

Kwong said the police are waiting for a coroner to arrive on the scene, but that “cops say that [the heart] is larger than a human’s.”

Ryerson’s security and emergency services manager Tanya Poppleton said the Toronto police were in full control of the investigation.

The area near The Chang School, at the corner of Victoria and Dundas Streets has been taped off.

While there was no blood or mess in or around the garbage can when police arrived, a number of bystanders at the scene were visibly revolted when they found out what happened.

“That is gross! That is weird! I don’t get why that would be on a school campus,” said Samantha Vanhelden, a first-year criminology student.

The Chang School building remains roped off as of 12 p.m. on Wednesday. Classes are still on, and Ryerson Security are letting people into the building, but it’s currently unclear as to when the investigation will end.

With files from Brennan Doherty

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