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RU Creative Writing: ‘Tone it Down’

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Welcome to the Eyeopener’s online series which celebrates the short stories, poems and other literary works from the RU Creative Writing Club. New pieces will be published weekly.

“Tone it Down” was submitted by Twoey Gray.

I understand, no, I understand

it is hard to look this much life in the eye.

like staring into a welding torch, I am

high fructose corn syrup crystallized

to the dripping honeycomb, I am

hot sheet metal I am thrash and too much and this

I am aware.

this I protect like a water droplet

balanced on the crest of a desert moth’s wing.

it seems passion like this is a delicate thing,

for all its noise.

not unlike the way called children run to their mothers,

headlong to their teachers,

too young and elastic to ever consider dawdling;

I am a wash of blinding pink, sprinting for some cosmic lunchbell,

and if Einstein is correct, this way I might

stay young forever.

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