Peter Grafi rapping hot fire.

Shots fired, tears shed

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By Skyler Ash

A rap battle left three Ryerson University students in tears on Sunday.

The lyrical duel took place in the Kerr Hall Quad on Sunday night between three third-year accounting and finance majors.

The battle was planned after “frenemies” Tom Sander and Peter Grafi got into verbal fisticuffs after Sander told Grafi that he would “never make it on Bay Street with a haircut like that.”

Sander and Grafi involved their mutual friend, James Blaylike, as the moderator of the battle. “It wouldn’t be fair without someone there to keep it clean,” said Grafi.

The three headed to the Quad around 11 a.m. clad in battle attire. What started off as a polite musical skirmish soon turned into a good old-fashioned snotfest when Grafi cut off Sander mid-bar.

Sander said that Grafi “busted out a verse so eloquent it literally made a grown man cry.” The three men had to take “a few moments” to recover from the beauty of Grafi’s rap.

“I’m glad I had the forethought to bring my handkerchiefs,” said Blaylike, “or this could have been a whole different game.”

Sander said that once everyone had wiped away the tears the men went into the nearest Kerr Hall bathroom to “recover their decency” in front of the mirrors.

“I saw Peter trying to fix his hair, so I offered to help him,” said Sander. “I gave him a look that will make everyone on Bay Street fall to their knees!”

Grafi and Sander both said that the rap battle really helped them to realize what is important in life, and what their true callings are.

“I just had to take the chance,” said Grafi. “Sometimes opportunity knocks and you’ve gotta answer the door.”

Grafi has dropped out of Ryerson to pursue his rap career and Sander will be transferring to the Canadian Beauty College in Toronto to pursue a career in hairstyling.

Blaylike will be staying in accounting and finance because “that’s a real job.”

Grafi reports that he will be dropping a “fire mixtape” later in February.

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