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My night at home: Mohamed Lachemi

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Mohamed Lachemi tells us about the last time he stayed in.

I watched … How It’s Made. I have the complete series on Blu-ray. My favourite episode is the one where they make Q-tips. Who thought those little guys could be so funny?

I listened to … Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.” That tune always makes my rump jump. I pretend I’m in the SLC when I dance to it. Don’t tell the Board of Governors.

I called … my friend Sheldon Levy. I think he goes to his cottage a lot because I always get his answering machine. But we do this funny thing where I call him and sing “Hotline Bling” to his answering machine. Anything can happen in the 6ix.

I texted … my friend Sheldon a picture of his hat. He gave it to me one night when I was shivering. I have more hair than him, but he forced me to accept it. I put it in a frame. I’m keeping it because it’s from him.

I binged on … model trains. I’m a civil engineer, so I have a secret room in my basement where I go when I need to stop being the president and just be Brohamed (that’s what I told my friend Sheldon to call me). I’ve got a model of Ryerson that I built to scale. It took me five years to complete because I 3D printed all the pieces. The train runs down Gould Street then up through the SLC and back around. It’s pretty sick. Sometimes I put hand-painted, 3D-printed recreations of me and my pal Sheldon on the train and we go on a campus tour.

I Googled … fitted caps. I want to get a new one for when Drizzy comes to Rye-izzy next.

I kissed … Let’s just say there’s some kinky stuff that happens at Model Ryerson.

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