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Pro-life group at Ryerson faced with a counter-protest (again)

By Sidney Drmay

The pro-life group was back on campus Oct. 18th outside of the Ryerson Bookstore. The group brought two large graphic banners displaying graphic images, as well as smaller posters with the same image.

The Ryerson community quickly rallied in order to counter-protest the group (again). They created signs and utilized table cloths, cardboard boxes and portable gazebos to cover the posters.

Peter Bos, one of the pro-life demonstrators, said the group is an educational organization. “We are raising awareness of what abortion actually is and what it’s doing to pre-born children,” they said.   

Ryerson Security alerted the Toronto Police of the situation. Both campus security and the police said there was legally nothing they could do while the group was on public property.

Hanna Shafi, Chang School digital art production student, was one of the counter-protesters. “The images that are being displayed are extremely triggering and extremely disturbing and not scientifically accurate so it creates a lot of psychological harm to see these images on the campus.”

Bos noted that the group wasn’t  just targeting the Ryerson’s campus. “We, along with other groups, are across the city showing the fact that 300 pre-born children are being decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled every day.”

After almost two hours, the pro-life group left the campus*.

*CORRECTION: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the pro-life group was escorted off campus by Toronto Police. The group actually left of their own volition. The Eyeopener regrets this error.


  1. “After almost two hours, the pro-life group was escorted off campus by the Toronto Police.”

    This is inaccurate. I was there. The police were there as well, but they didn’t escort us off, nor did they have to. We were on public property and within our rights to exercise our freedom of expression.

  2. I’m a bit confused. First it says “the police said there was legally nothing they could do while the group was on public property” and then it claims “The pro-life group was escorted off campus by the Toronto Police”. Did the laws regarding public property suddenly change? Did Ryerson purchase Gould Street? It seems like the author may need to do a bit more fact checking/editing.

    • As the student who commented earlier, I am impressed by the paper’s speedy correction. Thank you for clarifying this! Your professionalism in this matter was superb, and my faith in the Eyeopener’s credibility is more secure. 🙂

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