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Rye bathroom vandal to start own comedy show

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By Robert Mackenzie

Ryerson students are used to seeing Haden Webber’s jokes on bath- room stalls. But in a few months, they’ll be watching those jokes on their TVs.

Comedy Central announced Saturday that Ryerson’s most infamous bathroom vandal will be developing a pilot for the network this coming spring.

“This is really a dream come true for me,” Webber said. “Getting on TV was always the end game for me, but to actually see it come to fruition is really quite surreal.”

Over his past three years at Ryerson, Webber has made his mark on the school’s washrooms.

Webber’s resume includes some of the all-time greatest bathroom gags, such as the bacon joke that’s sometimes on hand dryers, and writing “kinda looks like boobs” over toilet paper dispensers.

“Haden’s work always has me in tears,” said Tyrell Mincey, a first-year exercise student, who is just starting to make a name for himself in the bathroom graffiti circuit. “He has so much confidence in his work that he’ll often go off on these unscripted tangents. He’s not just a bathroom vandal, he’s a storyteller.”

Gary Mann, Comedy Central’s vice president of programming and development, caught wind of Webber’s work after a picture of one of his jokes went viral on Instagram.

“He drew a face using the lock of the door as one of the eyes and the handle as the nose, then wrote a speech bubble saying ‘I’m always watching you,’” said Mann. “That’s exactly the sort of new-age absurdist humour we’re hoping to introduce into our original programming.”

Although the pilot won’t be released until May, Webber says he will be starring in the show as a fictionalized version of himself. The pilot will be set in 2013, just when Webber is starting to get big in the bathroom graffiti scene.

“It’s definitely going to have a lot of laughs, but it will also be about the struggles of making it big in a business that has become saturated with so much mediocre content,” Webber said.

As the pilot develops, Webber plans to continue vandalizing Ryerson bathrooms to develop mate- rial for the show. “One thing I can guarantee is that there’s going to be a whole lot of bathroom graffiti,” he said.

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