Illustration: Izabella Balcerzak

Girl finds $5, plans lavish party

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By Skyler Ash

A Ryerson student is celebrating after finding a $5 bill she found in the gutter on Bond Street.

“It was just so life-changing,” says Elmirah Raiz, a second-year biomedical engineering student. “I called my mom and dad right away, and they were both so happy for me. My dad always said something big would come my way, I just wasn’t expecting it to be like this.”

It’s been three days since Raiz found the money, and she has finally decided what to do with it. “All my friends were telling me to spend it, and all my family was telling me to invest it,” said Raiz. “I just needed some time, but now I’ve found the perfect solution.”

Raiz will be hosting a block party on Gould Street on March 17 in honour of “my 1/16 Irish heritage” for St. Patrick’s Day. “It just seemed right, you know? Being a little bit Irish is a big part of my life. I have potatoes like, three times a week, easily. And I once knew someone who had been to Ireland.”

The party will be BYOB, as she “only found $5, so I can’t really pay for much, but I will provide music, as I actually DJ on the side.”

The entirety of Ryerson is invited, you only need to bring your “1/16 Irish pride.”

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