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Girl wears nothing but same pair of pajamas for two years

By Skyler Ash

A Ryerson student is on a four-year-long mission: to wear nothing but the same pair of pajamas every day for her the entirety of her undergrad. Mia Evans, a 19-year-old geography student, accidentally wore her pajamas on the first day of school. Now, she has worn them everyday since, because she thought it would be funny.

“My mom isn’t really a fan of this whole thing, but my dad thinks it’s pretty great,” said Evans. For almost two years now, she has been wearing the same pair of pajamas, and has not taken them off. At all.

“She smells like garbage,” said Linda Evans, Mia’s mother. “It’s such a disgrace! She has no respect for me, or anybody in this house.”

Since Evans does not take of the pajamas “for anything or anybody,” she wears them in the shower so that they stay clean. “It’s great, because I am getting clean and so are my clothes. It’s a classic two birds one stone sitch.”

Since starting what her mother calls a “publicity stunt,” Evans has gained much international following. Her various social media accounts now have millions of followers, and university and college students all over the world are following her lead.

“It’s just, like, pretty cool,” said Richard Orr of Australia. “Y’know, I wake up, and then I stay in the same clothes, and people might look at ya funny, but it’s just, like, whateva, I’m just surfing in my jim jams, mate.” Orr said that he sleeps in the nude.

Evans is “very thankful” for people’s support in her journey. “This has just taught me how much one person can make a difference. And that shampoo does not get out most common household stains.”

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