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Ryerson Arts Society’s name changed to RLAS at AGM

By Alanna Rizza

The Ryerson Arts Society (RAS) annual general meeting was held on April 6. The motions on the agenda were to change the society’s name and create a permanent sustainability committee.

Motion to change the society’s name from RAS to RLAS — PASSED 

A motion to change RAS’ name to the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS) passed with 24 votes for the name change and nine against. The motion was put forward by RAS president Bahoz Dara Aziz because the society’s name is similar to the Ryerson Aboriginal Students Services which uses the acronym RASS.

The motion proposed changing the society’s name also for the reason that “liberal arts” is more specific to Ryerson’s faculty of arts programs compared to “arts” which Dara Aziz said is commonly confused with fine art programs like theatre, fashion or image arts.

Some students said the name change should be a more developed decision, whereas other students said the immediate name change would ensure a positive relationship with RASS.

Dara Aziz said RASS also reached out to the society to ask for the name change. The faculty of arts dean Pamela Sugiman also supports this decision, according to Dara Aziz and Stephen Kassim, RAS general manager and Ryerson’s manager of student relations and development.

Motion to create a permanent sustainability committee — LOST QUORUM

Immediately after the name change motion was passed, students began leaving the meeting and quorum was lost. The motion to create a permanent sustainability committee could not be voted on.

The committee would ensure Ryerson’s sustainability plan would be implemented in all matters of the society. The sustainability plan is Ryerson’s commitment to increasing energy efficiency.

This motion was moved to RAS’ semi-annual general meeting next school year.

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