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App of the week: Carrot Rewards

By Sylvia Lorico

The Carrot Rewards app, available for Android and iOS, uses a combination of health surveys and the number of steps taken to reward users with points for staying active. Users can get Scene Points, Aeroplan miles or Petro Canada points by using this app.

Users are required to make an account and add a valid Scene, Aeroplan or Petro Canada points card in order to use the app.

Carrot uses the fitness apps on your device such as Apple Health or Google Fit to track your steps. You can also sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to track your exercise remotely. This app also requires the use of your phone’s GPS.

Carrot will reward users with points for their cards provided they meet a minimum amount of steps each day. These steps are determined by the average amount of walking a user performs throughout the week. The step targets will change according to the total amount walked in a week or the season.

Users also have the ability to earn more points by meeting the “challenges” posted bi-weekly by the app. Users are required to meet the average step goal at least 10 out of 14 times over the course of two weeks in order to claim more points. The step challenges will increase as you achieve these goals.

There are also health surveys on the app. Several times a month, the app will release surveys that users can take in order to gain a certain amount of points. These surveys are always health related and will teach users about aspects like exercising and eating healthy.

Points for each card will be posted after a several days on the app. The app will divide points evenly among all cards when they are earned.

Carrot allows users to share their step goals across other devices. Users on multiple phones can track their step goals and compare them to other people’s.

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