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RBC’s new ads look a bit familiar

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By Noushin Ziafati

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)’s new ads bear a striking resemblance to Ryerson’s brand.

The two different organizations both have blue and gold colour schemes, but RBC’s new ads make the similarities really freaking obvious.

RBC’s new ads feature a blue textbox with a gold lining on the left— which is extremely similar to Ryerson’s recent rebrand, which made their logo more blocky and simple.

“The RBC blue and gold colour scheme is very similar to ours, however we have different perspectives. We are totally two different organizations. I don’t see any confusion. Maybe people will see the similarities, but we’re in two different businesses and I don’t see how people can be confused about that,” Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi said.

Sure, Mohamed.


  1. These commercials are the least racially diversified collection of bank propaganda I have ever witnessed.
    Do no racial minority’s deal at the RBC?
    Well this one won’t!

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