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Photo Courtesy: Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line
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Feed Students, Support Survivors campaign referendum passed

By Annie Arnone

The Good Food Centre (GFC) and Sexual Assault Survivor Support Line (SASSL) were met with good news Thursday evening, as their Feed Students, Support Survivors campaign referendum successfully passed.

Results were sent to Ryerson students stating that out of 4,440 votes, 3,338 students voted for the referendum, 1,058 were against and 44 declined to vote. There was a voter turnout of 11.3 per cent.  

Undergraduate students will now contribute a $5 per student levy in the fall and winter semesters, which will fund the GFC and SASSL every year. The money will be split in half and put towards each centre for the purposes of funding staff, as well as resources, totalling to about $186,265.

Cassandra Myers, SASSL’s coordinator told The Eyeopener that staff funding has been severely lacking recently, considering how big the service program is, running with only part-time staff members.

“I’m honestly just so relieved—I’m so happy so many people voted, even if they voted no,” Meyers said. “Eleven per cent is a great voter turn out.”

Plans for SASSL and the GFC are underway for Myers and Claire Davis, a coordinator at the GFC.

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