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Briefs and Groaners: Don’t cut your hair in the MAC bathrooms

By Nathaniel Crouch 

Every week, The Eyeopener meets with Ryerson security and gets the low-down on what’s been happening on campus. Here are some notable, and often unfortunate, entries.


Nothing quite like ACDC and a DIY Haircut

Everyone has preferences when it comes to the vibes of their barbershop. Some like the retro ‘50s feel while others dig the minimalistic shops. Apparently unhappy with the exactly 1.1 million different barbershops in the GTA, over reading week someone was reportedly playing loud music and cutting their hair in the second-floor bathrooms of the MAC.



Tony Hawk was at Ryerson, broskis!

The SLC is great for a ton of reasons, but it’s very doubtful that anyone has looked around and thought “It’ll really help the ambience in here if I could kickflip and ollie as people studied.” That was, however, the reported incident last week as three individuals were barred for skateboarding around the main floor of the SLC. Sk8er bros, you’ve already claimed Vic St. Stay there, OK?


Why not arm the front desk staff?

Ryerson has many valuables: from $300 textbooks to whatever people keep in their offices these days. This was enough for someone to break and enter the third-floor MAC reception area. While there wasn’t a follow up on what was lost, there’s a curiosity of why the crime happened? There’s no sweeter bounty than colour-coded folders and little Newton Cradles. 



Don’t use these  tactics, also don’t do this, period

Reports of people asking others inside the TRSM building to join a religious group were later connected through social media to a front for sex trade hirers. Don’t they know millennials will sleep in and forget Sunday mass? Not the best advertising tactic.

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