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Team Unify wins RSU executive positions in a sweep

By The News Team

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) executive members for the 2018-2019 school year will all be members of the Unify slate. Members of all three slates—Unify, Elevate and the Rhino party—snagged faculty director positions.

Photo: Deanna Krueger

Ram Ganesh, the RSU’s new president, says the results shocked him. “We expected a 300-vote lead, but not this big,” he said. “Susanne [Nyaga, Elevate’s presidential candidate] was on top of her stuff. She ran an excellent campaign.”

Elevate’s candidate for the vice-president operations position, Adam Asmar, was one of the few members of Elevate who showed up to the election results at the Ram in the Rye.

“I did not expect to lose this hard, to be honest. I thought it would be a lot closer and I thought it would be a lot closer with all our executives. Especially our president and the VP equity,” he said. “I’m honestly shocked.”

“I would like to see the election results analyzed a little further and see what the voter turnout was, who voted from where and just learn from my mistakes to see where I can be a better candidate in the future.”


Executive Team

President: Ram Ganesh, Unify, 3373 votes

Vice-President Equity: Karolina Surowiec, Unify,  3285 votes

Vice-President Education: Salman Faruqi, Unify, 3405 votes

Vice-President Operations: Savreen Gosal, Unify, 3024 votes

Vice-President Student Life & Events: Edmund Sofo, Unify, 3077 votes

Arts Directors

Nicholas Chiong, Unify, 254

Sarah Mohamed, Elevate, 220

Shehroz Shabbir, Elevate, 190

Quentin Stuckey, Unify, 252

Community Services Directors

Chelsea Davenport, Elevate, 364 votes

Shivangi Gaur, Unify, 333 votes

Cristal Hines, Elevate, 341 votes

Ram Ragupathy, Unify, 348 votes

Khadija Raza, Unify, 332 votes

Communication & Design Directors

Jennifer Adler, Unify, 333 votes

Hirra Farooqi, Unify,  271 votes

Tamar Lyons, Unify, 306 votes

Leah Renaud, Unify, 288 votes

Imbar Slavat, Unify, 289 votes

Engineering & Architectural Science Directors

Karol Bahnan, Unify, 796 votes

Iyvan Chandran, Unify, 642 votes

Alessandro Cunsolo, Unify, 728 votes

Daniyal Patricio, Rhino, 222 votes

Science Directors

Evan Almeida, Unify, 338 votes

Maria Vu, Unify, 266 votes

Ted Rogers School of Management Directors

Kruti Dave, Unify, ACCLAIMED

Niall Hicky, Unify, ACCLAIMED

Nayrouz Mohammed Aly, Elevate, ACCLAIMED

Ali Mulji, Unify, ACCLAIMED

Simi Olatunji, Elevate, ACCLAIMED

Ravneet Sohi, Unify, ACCLAIMED

Graduate Representatives 

Chairperson: Abyshek Patel, Unify ACCLAIMED

Deputy Chairperson Education: Amber Grant, Elevate ACCLAIMED

Deputy Chairperson Finance: Manikandan Murugappan, Unify 48 votes. Isuru Weerasekera, Rhino 22 votes


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