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Pumpkin spices are overrated, but fall is the perfect time to accidentally spill one so go ahead and spend $4.25
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Here’s your guide to a smooth winter transition

By Anastasiya Romanska

As the colder temperature starts to settle in, it’s time to say goodbye to long days and sun-kissed summer skin. Fall is amongst us and along with it comes sweater weather, crunchy leaves and mulled apple cider. But for those of you who aren’t convinced that it truly is the best of all the seasons, here are some tips to make your transition from summer to fall a little smoother.


It’s time to pack up your bathing suits and shorts and make room for sweaters, jeans and fuzzy jackets. Take a day to swap out your whole wardrobe and bring out all the outfits you’re going to need for fall. This is the only time of the year where you can leave the house in a fuzzy oversized sweater, leggings and a beanie and completely get away with it.

Don’t feel like getting dressed up for class? That’s totally fine, just wrap that blanket scarf around yourself and stroll on into your 8 a.m.—no one will even bat an eye. Be on the lookout for pop-up swap shops that set up at the SLC and follow Ryerson Fashion schools for some more fun pop-up events.


It’s the season where you can drink all the cups of tea you want without anyone judging you for it. You don’t have to spend another minute pretending that you love the taste of that cold pressed green juice that you spent $12 on.

Fall means warming up with a cup of hot cocoa. The cooler temperatures are also the perfect excuse for all the more soups, chilli and warm cookies. If you need a quick soup fix, the Oakham House has daily soups based on seasonal ingredients. Stop by Balzac’s for a warm atmosphere, and a good selection of warm beverages.


OK so it’s probably time to give up days at the beach and late night swims, but I promise there are so many better things to do now. You don’t have to leave the house after three because the sun is out to burn you anymore, and you definitely don’t have to worry about mosquitoes ruining a good evening. You’ve officially reached the best time of year to stay inside. And no one can judge you for it, because it’s fucking cold.

It’s time to finally catch up on those Netflix binges (watch what you want, but we really don’t recommend Riverdale, it’s gotten real bad). Keep your eye out for movie nights hosted at Ryerson. The school’s performance student union is hosting a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Nov. 2.


With the sun going down earlier and darkness hitting the city for longer periods of time, its hard not to feel a bit down. But instead of thinking of the season as cold and grimy, think of it as a time to get real cosy. A fresh season can also mean a fresh start. If you’ve gotten a little behind with school or life this summer, take a moment during fall to catch up.

Try outlining your goals for the season in a Muji notebook, they’re less than $3 and will give you that minimalist aesthetic.

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