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The haunting of Ryerson’s old theatre school

By Sherina Harris

The former Ryerson Theatre School on Gerrard Street E. was one of several supposedly haunted theatre spots in downtown Toronto. The rumours go back to the building’s original purpose as the Ontario College of Pharmacy, where the building allegedly housed a morgue. Alumni and staff have gone on the record in the past to speak about their paranormal experiences.

Several people reporting that they felt drawn to a particular corner in the third-floor studio—apparently the location of the morgue—feeling a cold spot and hearing their name being whispered. Now that the building is under construction to become Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Innovation, will the rumours that the site is haunted finally be laid to rest?


Infographic by Skyler Ash

With files from Samsobolewski “The Ghost of Ryerson Theatre School” and Ryerson’s School of Performance at FCAD

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