People are stealing from the Hub Café and nobody’s surprised

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By Minh Truong

Ryerson’s Hub Café has experienced a wave of thefts this week which, to nobody’s surprise, occurred because students are super fucking broke.

Gillian D’Agostino, manager of security and emergency services at Ryerson, told The Eyeopener that the Hub Café has experienced a total of 10 reported thefts since January 2018. 

According to D’Agostino, these incidents were discovered by the patrolling staff or reported by community members.

To respond to the thefts on campus, Ryerson security are continuing to patrol the Podium building.

Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi is looking for additional solutions. “Swiper no swiping!” he said in a tweet.

“The design of this place is pretty shitty,” said Aistol Nolabers, who was once caught stealing granola bars.

The grill section is located at the back end of the cafeteria, the farthest away from the cashiers. However, there is an unmonitored exit on the side, leading to Jorgenson Hall. 

For Scot Tiabank, the open space design of Hub Café is perfectly fine. “I feel like it should just stay as is,” said Tiabank. “All my cards are maxed out and this is the only place on campus that guarantees free food.”

The cost of food options on campus can be financially inaccessible for some students.

Pitman Dining Hall and the International Living & Learning Centre’s dining hall implemented an all-you-can-eat meal plan in 2018. It’s mandatory for all students in residence to sign up for a meal plan. 

Meanwhile, students without a meal plan have to pay a drop-in price: $10.95 for breakfast, $14.95 for lunch and $17.50 for dinner. 

The Ryerson Association of Merry Students (RAMS) is a food “donation” club, where members will steal from rich institutions like Ryerson to donate to those in need.

RAMS’ president Hobin Rood did not comment on thefts. However, he said the Hub Café’s design is unconventional because there’s no structure that controls the flow of customers, like turnstiles.

Rood did comment on the expensive cost of some food. “I don’t blame the thieves. The price of those Miss Vickie’s chips is absolutely appalling.”

Kons Tantsnacking, a member of RAMS, will take handfuls of warm pasta and put it directly in his pockets.

“What are they going to do if they catch me—ask for it back? Ha!”

With files from Sophie Chong

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