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Ryerson to remove opt-out portal on RAMSS after SCI strike down in court

By Valerie Dittrich

Ryerson will shut down the Student Choice Initiative (SCI) opt-out portal in RAMSS, according to a statement from vice-provost, students Jen McMillen.

“Ryerson had implemented a revised fee schedule for the fall term with the goal of recognizing as much student activity as possible while complying with the Student Choice Initiative,” she said in the statement.

“Moving forward, we must continue to balance the needs of students and support for student-led organizations with expectations that we comply with the law.”

The move comes after the SCI was struck down in an Ontario Divisional Court and deemed “unlawful,” according to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS).

The provincial government filed an appeal on Dec. 9, citing “attaching conditions to government grants in no way interferes with university autonomy and independence” in a statement.

Ryerson said in the statement they are developing an interim strategy, which will consist of removing the opt-out portal on RAMSS and “Collecting previously identified optional fees on a compulsory basis beginning in the winter term.”

This means students enrolled in courses next semester who previously opted out in the fall will have additional fees assessed to their student accounts.

“Should the government successfully appeal the ruling, we will explore our available options to refund additional opt-out fees collected from students,” McMillen said in the statement.


  1. Samiul Islam

    What hot garbage why do I have to pay for ancillary fees for corrupt Unions that waste time by striking because they feel they’re entitled to everything? I am trying to opt-out of fees at the moment for my Winter Tuition and clearly this university is forcing me to pay for things I do not want. If I support a cause I would fund it my self, not stealing from tuition of students. Thieves!

  2. Rachel

    Why am I paying for “Student Buildings”, “Athletic and Rec” and “Campus Safety” fees in the middle of a pandemic? These services are not even in affect right now? The excessive fees for the Spring/Summer courses in the middle of COVID would be an article I’d like to see to rally more students together to fight the excessive and useless fees.

    • Emmanuel

      I agree, why are we paying full tuition for remote learning on top of the “Athletic Rec” and “Student Buildings” fees. We need to star a petition and complain this is not fair.

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