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The Ear-opener, Episode 37: How The Fuck Do We Fix Our Student Union?

Update: This episode was recorded before Ryerson University announced that it was cutting ties with the Ryerson Student Union. We’re following this story and will give you more updates as they come available.

It seems as though every week something new is happening with the RSU. Last year brought us a credit card scandal, this year three execs have resigned, one has been impeached so far, and the Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development has confirmed that there is an ongoing investigation into the RSU. So, what the hell is going on?

In this episode, host Larry Heng and news editor Madi Wong talk to the three resigned execs, Victoria Anderson-Gardner, Naja Pereira , and Kwaku Agyemang to hear about what’s been going on with the RSU and what they think needs to change in the future.

A shorter version of all Earopener podcasts plays on CJRU every other Friday at 4pm. This episode was produced by Madison Henry.

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