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Two reports of possible bed bug sightings on campus

By Donald Higney

Ryerson Facilities Management and Development (FMD) has confirmed two reports of possible bed bug sightings—one in the university’s library and another in the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) in the past week. 

On March 10, a user under the name Pointless-Hexahedron posted a photo on Ryerson’s subreddit of a bed bug on the tables in front of the elevators on floor seven of TRSM.  

In an emailed statement, FMD is still waiting for the location to be confirmed so they can “cordon off the area and conduct a heat treatment, which is the most effective extermination measure against bed bugs.”

Then on March 4, The Eyeopener received a video of a possible bed bug sighting on the 10th floor of Ryerson’s library. 

This time FMD confirmed the reporting and stated in an email statement that they “immediately arranged for an inspection to be conducted by Orkin pest control services’ trained canine unit.” 

“The inspection was completed and there was no bed bug activity in the reported location,” FMD stated. 

The Eye also sent the video to two pest control companies, Addison Pest Control and Bed Bug Exterminator Pro, both of whom confirmed that it was a bed bug in the video.  

In November 2019,  rows of desks were blocked off on the 10th floor from a previous report of a bed bug sighting. In March 2018, there were also confirmed sightings of bed bugs in the Victoria Building.

According to FMD “it’s important to remember that the presence of bed bugs is unrelated to cleanliness—bed bugs travel very easily, often on personal items such as backpacks.”

FMD recommends community members to contact them with a photo if they think they see a bed bug, along with the details about the location.

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