Here are the results for the BoG and Student Senate 2021 elections

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By Charlize Alcaraz

The students elected to Ryerson’s Board of Governors (BoG) and Senate were announced on Friday.

Hiba Al-Jarrah, Trinity Ho and Christopher Randall were elected as the new student representatives on the BoG. 

Each student representative will serve on the BoG for a one-year term. 

Members of the BoG are responsible for overseeing major financial decisions and the university’s operations within their budget.

According to this year’s BoG student representatives MJ Wright, David Jardine and Tay Rubman, they are the “final gateway a policy [must] pass through before it comes into effect at Ryerson.”

The BoG is made up of 24 Board members including the university’s president, chancellor, 11 external members and 11 elected members made up of staff, faculty, students and alumni, according to the BoG website

The participation rate this year was 2.9 per cent. Out of 44,795 eligible voters, 1,290 ballots were submitted and 2,501 votes were cast. 39 people declined to vote.

This year’s participation rate saw a minor drop, with last year’s participation rate being 3.3 per cent. 

All newly elected BoG student representatives will begin their terms on Sept. 1. 

Student Senate results

Naomi Chen, Oksana Gubych and Ayman Surty were elected at-large. At-large student senators represent not just the faculty that they’re from but all Ryerson undergraduate students, according to secretary of Senate Donna Bell in an email to The Eyeopener

Those who were elected were Zaima Nousheen Aurony as the Faculty of Arts representative; Prashajini Sivasundaram as the Faculty of Community Services representative; Hana Salih Makawi as the Ted Rogers School of Management representative; Harsh Brahmbhatt and Claudia Idzik as the Yeates School of Graduate Studies representatives; and Zeinab Khansari and Janet Rodriguez as the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education representatives.

Those who were acclaimed to their position were Aidan Jonah as the Faculty of Communication and Design representative, Abdul Sami Ali as the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science representative, Saher Alvi as the Faculty of Science representative and Massimo Perruzza as the Faculty of Law representative.

Elected members will be responsible for overseeing policies that pertain to the “content and quality of all programs and courses of study; the standards for admission to the university; and the qualifications for obtaining degrees, diplomas and certificates,” according to the Senate’s website

The Senate is made up of 52 elected representatives of faculty members, students, alumni along with seven non-voting senate associates. 

The participation rate for the at-large student elections this year was 1.7 per cent. Out of 42,277 eligible voters, 716 ballots were submitted, 1,207 votes were casted and 94 voters declined. 

Similar to the BoG elections, the participation rate for the at-large student senate elections this year saw a slight decrease. Last year’s elections had a participation rate of 2.2 per cent.

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