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The X Musical Theatre Company performing during a dress rehearsal.
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Behind the Scenes: XMTC presents Head Over Heels

By Aru Kaul

For the first time since 2020, X Musical Theatre Company (XMTC) will be hosting an in-person production.

Since 2015, XMTC has worked to involve students at Ryerson University in the production of live musicals. 

While the 2020 production of Big Fish was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, XMTC is making a comeback with this year’s production of Head Over Heels.

Soundtracked by the timeless songs of the ‘80s rock band The Go-Go’s, Head Over Heels tells the story of a royal family trying to save their kingdom from collapsing all while exploring themes of love, self-expression, acceptance and sexuality. 

An actor doing a mic check on stage.
(Vanessa Kauk/THE EYEOPENER)

Grace Johnson, a first-year performance production student plays the part of Princess Pamela in the production.

Johnson describes her character as a confident, loud, extra and sought-after woman. 

“All the men in town want to date Princess Pamela but she doesn’t want any of them,” Johnson said. 

“Throughout the play, she works through these feelings to understand why she doesn’t like any of her male suitors,” she added.

Five actors on stage during the dress rehearsal.

Jake Zanth, a first-year creative industries student, adds to the fun with his role as the king’s right hand man.

“I try to make sure the kingdom runs smoothly while everyone else is busy with their relationship shenanigans,” Zanth said. 

Actors laughing on stage.

Head Over Heels will be showcased on April 6 and 9 at the Al Green Theatre located at Bloor Street and Spadina Avenue. The show times are 8 p.m. and  10 p.m., respectively.

Actors practicing a lift on stage.
A clipboard surrounded by rapid COVID tests.
XMTC requires everyone who enters the dress rehearsal to take a rapid antigen test. (Jes Mason/THE EYEOPENER)
Actors sitting on stage in dresses before the dress rehearsal begins.
Two people looking at a binder and a laptop at a table in front of the stage.
(Vanessa Kauk/THE EYEOPENER)
A dozen actors on stage.
(Vanessa Kauk/THE EYEOPENER)
Someone recording the dress rehearsal.
XMTC is also planning on live streaming the show. (Vanessa Kauk/THE EYEOPENER)
An actor holding a fake sword.
(Vanessa Kauk/THE EYEOPENER)
An actor singing.

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