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8 songs for when you’re running late for class

By Jack Wannan

We’ve all been there before. You missed your alarm. And the one after that and the one after that. You’re officially running late for class. 

It likely isn’t the first time this has happened—and newsflash to anyone who doesn’t know you, it likely won’t be the last either.

The good news is there are ways to prepare for the inevitability of being late. Some will suggest packing a lunch ahead of time or charging your laptop overnight. But no, those are silly ideas. Instead, just listen to this playlist. These quick-hitting, possibly stress-inducing tracks will get you moving a few more beats per minute than usual, getting you from home to the lecture hall in almost no time.

Here’s a hand-crafted selection of songs to accompany you while super speeding to class:

“Sandstorm” by Darude

Trance dance track “Sandstorm” predates many of us as it was released in 1999, but we have all probably heard it before. Maybe at a hockey game, in a video or even in a meme. The song recently turned 23 years old and despite this, the hype-inducing techno beat with quick, almost nostalgic computer-processed sounds continues to be considered a hit. It can help you dial in for a class or motivate you to chase down a bus that was not expecting to scoop you up.

“Nonstop” by Drake

Drake was right when he said, “I don’t know nobody else that’s doing this,” when gloating on “Nonstop.” Personally, I cannot relate to the rich lifestyle he lives, nor do I know anyone who does. However, I can still find a way to fit his music into my life. 

There’s something about this song that makes for great rush music. Maybe it’s the repetitive, cyclical beat that gets your head bopping but matches the laid-back energy of Drake on this track. Whether it be that or another reason, I’ve found myself coming back to it four years after its release.

“Crash” by Charli XCX 

When Charli XCX said she’s about to crash, she didn’t mean it in a bad way. “Crash” is an uptempo pop track that celebrates the idea of being infatuated with yourself. “Overloading when I’m looking in the mirror/Feel myself, I’m looking way better than ever,” she recites with a raspy tone. It’s a reminder on your chaotic trip from Pitman Hall to the Victoria Building that even though you are running behind schedule, there’s more to you than your mistakes.

“Out thë way” by Yeat

Yeat is mostly known for screaming and murmuring over loud and in-your-face rage beats. But the California rapper tones it down on “Out thë way,” dialling back his energy but maintaining the same boastful demeanor in his usual songs. 

The usual heavy beat takes a backseat for a more muted, bass-heavy sound. Yeat himself seems to be using his inside voice, almost as if he didn’t want to wake up his sleeping parents that were in the room over. This track is somewhat of a buffer in between songs, keeping the spirit of the theme but not being too overloading with loud sounds.

“Movin’ On Without You” by Hikaru Utada

Maybe what you need to hear when running late is Hikaru Utada’s affirming chant that “Nothing’s gonna stop me.” This late-90s dance track is led by a powerful electric keyboard and bedazzled with light synthesizer tones that come in during the chorus. 

The motivated, fired-up energy of this song is one that is bound to make you move. 

And moving in this case would be moving…to class!

“False Alarm” by The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s 2016 hit “False Alarm” is the perfect tune to turn on for this occasion. This song starts slow but eventually throws you into the chaos, which might be a good analogy for how this late-to-class morning might be going. 

The Weeknd’s smooth vocals lead you through the sharp shouts and chanting brings you through the chorus. It’s an audio rollercoaster and a ride that I’m happy to get on while weaving my way through crowds on the subway.

“George & Janice” by Otoboke Beaver

Punk rock band Otoboke Beaver’s track “George & Janice” is the perfect type of song you need to hear on this hectic occasion. It’s loud, angry, all over the place and only 43 seconds long. It wastes no time, racing from start to finish with no let up in the energy that it exudes. Let it be the anthem for your race to campus. 

“Messages from the Stars” by The Rah Band

Unfortunately, on a day like this, there’s no time to browse TikTok before class. You have to stay focused and get out the door. But on the way, you can still indulge in some of the application’s (sometimes) great music selections. 

Take “Messages from the Stars” with you, a 2008 synth-pop track that is light and uplifting, perfect as you step into the classroom sweaty and dry-heaving.

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