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Business-oriented student groups at TMU to keep on your radar

By Natalie Vilkoff

Are you interested in tech and business but unsure of where to start? Luckily for you, there is no shortage of student groups on campus that can help you find community, develop your skills and network with industry professionals. 

Whether you are experienced or just entering the field, there is a place for everyone among the various tech and business clubs housed at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU).

Black Business Students’ Association (BBSA)

Founded in 2020 with the goal of breaking down and highlighting systemic barriers of the corporate world, the members of the Black Business Students’ Association (BBSA) are “strong, motivated and inspired student leaders that lead TMU’s Black youth” according to their website. 

Through various community engagement initiatives and events focused on professional development and academic excellence, the BBSA provides Black students with the skills they need to confidently face and shape the future.

Some of their most recent events included a speaker series with a panel of Black, Indigenous and racialized technology professionals. 

An upcoming event is their Basketball Bash happening on Feb. 4.


Business is often a cut-throat industry, which can leave both people and the environment drained. 

Through projects like Greenologii, which was an initiative to make plastic out of potato starch to reduce waste, and Shepreneur, which empowered women entrepreneurs, Enactus aims to show that the business world can be reshaped for good. 

They strive toward creating a future where “sustainability and meaningful business are the new normal.” 

Their most recent project is Project BITS, which was created to make it easier for students to navigate their finances. 

Through workshops on investing, filing taxes and saving, the project cultivates financial literacy among the student community at TMU.

Women in Information Technology Management  

There is a startling gender gap in the business and IT world, according to the club’s website. We have all heard of “tech bros” and can clearly imagine male bankers in suits and in Forbes’ List of Most Innovative Leaders, the first woman doesn’t even appear until number 75. The goal of Women in Information Technology Management is to increase diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and to encourage confidence and leadership in women interested in pursuing a career in IT Management.

They recently hosted a coding event for women, and in February they are hosting WeDesignTech, an annual hackathon where students get 40 hours to apply their technology and business skills, as well as their creativity based on a given theme or problem.

Metropolitan Data Science Association

The goal of the Metropolitan Data Science Association is to make data analytics and data science skills more accessible to TMU students by organizing events and workshops with industry professionals. 

Despite the prevalence of data science in the business and technology field, the MDSA says there are not enough resources available for students to learn about the discipline. 

Whether you are experienced or just beginning, the MDSA has a number of resources and networking opportunities to help you get started or continue forth.

Ted Rogers Co-op Students’ Association

“Promote, recruit, inspire” is the motto of the Ted Rogers Co-op Students’ Association, an organization whose goal is to provide networking opportunities for co-op students. 

They run workshops on topics such as explaining the ins and outs of doing a co-op, as well as career planning and networking events. 

They are currently preparing for their Alumni Night and Appreciation Gala.

Toronto (Metropolitan) Entrepreneurship Association 

The Toronto (Metropolitan) Entrepreneurship Association aims to foster innovation and encourage student entrepreneurship.

They have hosted events such as the Holiday Market, where small student-owned businesses are welcome to sell their wares. 

They also regularly post on their Instagram, where you can see upcoming events and opportunities as well as connect with the team.

Their next event is happening on Feb. 3, where together with the Students Law Network, they will run a workshop on how to become a corporate lawyer.

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