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Shows President Lachemi watches in his free time

By Maryam Ahmed

We hope President Mohamed Lachemi had a lot of time to cozy up on his couch this reading week after dealing with the first half of a frenzied winter semester. 

The Eyeopener believes our president may enjoy watching a marathon of mystery or a thriller TV series after a day of serving the public (relations) and whatever else a university president does. 

So here are some shows we think he has watched or are on his to-watch list on streaming platforms: 


When considering the disciplined restraint that must come with managing 121 acres of university land, Lachemi definitely loves to wind down by watching Primal. This show is an adult animated action horror series about a caveman and his T-Rex mate, with nearly no dialogue. The lack of speaking allows the show’s breathtaking settings and powerful sound design to craft the story between man and beast and how they survive together in their prehistoric world. 

There is something about the unbridled, almost poetic violence of this cartoon that we think would really entertain Lachemi after a long day signing papers and shaking hands. The unpredictability of this show creates a riveting, edge-of-the-seat effect on its audience, and it would be an excellent getaway from the rigid schedule of our university’s leader.


Next up on the list, imagine the president’s impressive frame snuggled up onto a floral couch to watch a good old-fashioned steamy romantic drama. Of course, the first show that comes to mind is Scandal—a series that covers the electric affair between a media consultant and her boss: the literal President of the United States. The former is played by the gorgeous Kerry Washington, where she served an incredible performance alongside whichever male lead they cast. 

We reckon that Lachemi would side with Washington’s no-nonsense personality, while also relating to the president’s character in the show for obvious reasons. However, Lachemi deals with university students whose future depends on properly annotated bibliographies while the Scandal president deals with dignitaries with chocolate eclairs stuffed up their arses—considering that bibliography’s due tonight at 11:59 p.m., we all know who’s got the tougher clientele.

How to Get Away with Murder

Another series that would spark our buddy Lachemi’s interest is How to Get Away with Murder. I think this delicious thriller series, packed with scandal and layered with lies, is the perfect show to sink one’s teeth into after a horribly mundane day at work. 

Lachemi would no doubt marvel at the ruthless professor and attorney Annalise Keating and maybe even reminisce about the days where he used to be a professor himself. This fun and flirty series is what we picture him getting into (other than a pair of fuzzy bear slippers). 

And Then There Were None

Based off of a novel with the same name by none other than famous author Agatha Christie—which we think has been on Lachemi’s reading list—And Then There Were None is a murder mystery mini-series which is now also on Lachemi’s watch list. 

The show follows a group of colourful characters who are invited to stay over at their friend’s mansion, unaware of what lies ahead for them. In the delightful Christie way, things start getting uncanny as each guest starts to die one by one and the next boat off the island is not due to come anytime soon. Secretly, we don’t think Lachemi would mind finding solace on an island where it’d just be him and the seagulls—frankly, it might actually be a good vacation for him away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Poor fellow probably needs just that. 

The Great British Bake Off

A guilty pleasure in more ways than one, we bet Lachemi revels at the drama and tension of Larry the lorry driver and Denise the dancer as they race to complete baking trays of meringues and towers of cookies. This iconic British series delivers fantastic episodes filled with wholesome moments of baking cakes and crumpets to its audience with side stories that parallel the drama seen in America’s Next Top Model. With the notorious silver fox Paul Hollywood sneering at the contestants’ crumbly batters, Lachemi probably wiggles his toes in excitement every time the disdainful contenders get booted off the show.

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