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TMSU BoG representative Joel Kuriakose resigns

By Thea Gribilas and Racy Rafique

Board of Governors representative Joel Kuriakose has resigned from the Toronto Metropolitan University Students’ Union (TMSU) Board of Directors (BoD).

In an emailed resignation sent to TMSU executive director Reanna Maharaj and obtained by The Eyeopener, Kuriakose said his time at the TMSU has been “quite difficult.”

“I can’t in good faith stay on this governing body anymore,” his resignation reads. “I’m resigning in protest of this year’s [executive’s] management of the TMSU.”

He alleged in a call with The Eye that the current union claims he was abandoning his role as a TMSU member, however, he alleges he was consistently left in the waiting room of the Board’s Zoom meetings. 

Kuriakose said in the call that he hoped to resign prior to tomorrow, where he says he was going to be removed from the TMSU by impeachment on the grounds that he had “abandoned” his role.

Per Section 4.4 of the TMSU bylaws, an individual is not eligible to run for the BoD if they have “abandoned, been impeached or dismissed as a Director.”

He hopes that by leaving the students’ union prior to an impeachment, he will be able to re-run in future elections.

“If there’s a fire you’re trying to douse, you can’t put it out from inside the house,” said Kuriakose in his resignation letter. 

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