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The best ways to waste time on campus

By Michael Karant

Many of us have had this problem before. It’s a lovely Tuesday morning at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and you’ve just finished your first class, fresh at 11 a.m. However, you check your watch and realize the next one doesn’t start until 2 p.m. You don’t feel like going all the way home between classes but you need something to do. You are now presented with a golden opportunity—or dilemma depending on how you approach the next few hours. Here are six ways you can make time simply fly by as you wait for your next class to begin. 

Take the academic approach 

A reasonable solution, and the logical approach to kill time, would be to buckle down, actually do this week’s readings and get ahead of your schoolwork. If this ends up being your plan of action to kill time, it is important to grab your caffeine of choice, get a grasp on your assignments and pretend to get ahead of your schoolwork. Besides, it’s not like you didn’t feel that you were behind last week. 

Sweat the time away

If you choose not to be productive during your first class, why don’t you try being productive at the gym instead? Under a grassy knoll in the midst of Kerr Hall hides TMU’s Recreation and Athletic Centre. It’s time to stop putting off that weight lifting session and get some exercise. There is no better feeling than sweating away that “built up” anxiety and showing up to your afternoon class smelling like success.

If strenuous physical activity isn’t really your thing, but you still want to move a little, here’s a challenge. Rumour has it that the TMU community has been dying to find out exactly how many lockers there are in Kerr Hall! Take a little walk and count some lockers to solve this age-old mystery. 

Seriously study…your style

While you may be falling behind on your school work and on exercise, you may also be falling behind in your wardrobe. Not feeling so fresh in your black puffer? Tired of your creased white Reeboks? It’s time for you to study your personal style and hit the stores to revamp your look. 

Head across the street to the Eaton Centre and try to find something that really catches your eye. Find that jacket that won’t get stale after three wears and will go perfectly with anything. You’ll then study it, consider reality and take a moment to swallow your heart as you realize that this beautiful jacket costs more than half your rent. But don’t worry, this isn’t necessarily a waste of time! Simply leafing through all of the overpriced clothes and daydreaming about fits is half the fun. Besides, who says that school hours have to be spent studying school subjects?

Catch a lil’ movie break

Three hours between classes is plenty of time for you to catch a movie. The Yonge-Dundas Cineplex on campus is the best spot to sneak into,  I mean visit, to catch a little movie before class. This can be a fantastic way to alleviate stress as long as you’re ok with hiding under the seats for a few hours. 

However, as this is strictly not allowed, the best way to enter a theatre would be to get creative. As cartoons have taught us time andtime again, dressing up as a janitor to sneak your way into the movies is simply the most effective way to do this. Let those due dates fall into the back of your mind as you lose yourself in a casual third rewatching of Bottoms while you lounge in your stylish coveralls.  

Read a book, touch some grass

Nothing kills time like reading a good novel, but the environment you choose to read in is important to set the atmosphere. A standard campus coffee shop like Balzac’s could be a sensible option if you want to capture your main character ambiance or do some people-watching. Page One’s decor of old typewriters is also bound to set you in a good reading mood. 

Need a change of scenery? Fresh air is just as good of a choice of environment to be in, especially before the winter months hit. Besides, we both know you need a break from the inside of a classroom. Just take a seat in the centre of the Quad and settle into the dead yellow grass. Don’t forget to make sure your sweater is at least 51 per cent wool, ensuring you’re comfortable in your lovely reading spot. 

Take a dance break, or let someone do it for you…

Let’s say you’ve potentially got some extra money laying around. Got a few too many five dollar bills or loonies from your server job? Well, it happens that the lovely gentlemen’s club Zanzibar is open late daily. 

If your next class is in the evening when the club is open, this is a great way to make your wallet less bulky. Just grab a drink, a snack and a seat and you’ll realize how much time can fly while you’re having fun. You may also be amazed at how much of that excess cash can disappear after a few drinks and an…interactive dance show. 

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