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15 years later, Zack and Cody’s table is finally ready

By Sherwin Karimpoor & Joshua Chang

Disclaimer: Some names, quotes, scenarios and titles have been made up for satire.

Some Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) students in their 20s are feeling extra nostalgic as Zack and Cody Martin, beloved twin brothers from the hit Disney Channel original The Suite Life On Deck, will finally be able to eat at Chef Gigi’s restaurant this week. 

For those who didn’t grow up living “the suite life” and are out of the loop from this long-awaited special day, the Martin brothers’ dinner reservation will finally be ready today—Nov. 16, 2023—as per the show’s 2009 episode

“I can squeeze you in at 7:30,” said Chef Gigi, the owner of the high-end Italian restaurant.

While initially relieved to secure a reservation for that evening, Cody was quickly shut down once Gigi revealed she was referring to a date 15 years in the future.

Fourth-year language and intercultural relations student and lifelong fan of the show Shenita Brake is currently spiraling as she comes to terms with how she was only six years old when the episode first aired. 

As an adult, Brake cannot wrap her mind around the fact that she is now old enough to have kids of her own. 

“I was on the couch eating my favourite Italian takeout—my mouth full of garlic bread—when I felt an existential crisis coming on,” Brake said. “Like, I’m old! I could be the mother of twins at this age. Personally, that is not ‘suite!’”

Pete Tsza, a School of Nutrition graduate student, expresses his sympathy for the current generation of kids who won’t be able to understand the day’s significance and just how monumental this moment is for many of today’s young adults.

“Do you understand how iconic you have to be for fans to still care this many years later? Talk about longevity and staying relevant,” said Tsza, twirling his moustache. “The new generation could never.”

Anya Lotti is a hostess at the Italian restaurant Ciao Mozzarella. She told The Eyeopener that she’d never seen such a demand for reservations than during the weeks leading up to the 16th. 

“Mamma mia, the calls just won’t stop! We might just be fully booked until Nov. 16, 2038,” exclaimed Mozzarella. “On that note, do you know of any blonde teenage twins looking for a job?”

The Eye had the opportunity to speak with Dylan Sprouse, the actor who played Zack, via a FaceTime interview. 

“It’s hard to believe that we’ve been waiting for this long,” exclaimed Sprouse. “But honestly, I don’t really feel like Italian today.”

Whether in Rome or just at home, TMU students are encouraged to get together with their friends, secure some tasty Italian food and relive the magic of this Disney Channel classic. 

“We’ve been waiting years for this day,” said Brake. “I can’t wait to celebrate by devouring a huge plate of agnolotti.” 

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