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BREAKING: TMSU byelection sees Nikole Dan take presidency by one leading vote

By Anastasia Blosser, Dexter LeRuez and Gabriela Silva Ponte

The Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union (TMSU) released the unofficial fall byelection results today.

The Empire Team candidate Nikole Dan has been elected president of the students’ union, according to the TMSU’s election page

Dan takes the presidency by one leading vote over presidential candidate Nathan Sugunalan. 

Jordan Howarth came in third, Trevohn Baker in fourth and Success Daka in fifth place for the presidency. 

The voting report shows less than five per cent turnout, with only 1,906 of the 39,510 eligible voters participating.

The Board of Directors (BoD) will remain in these roles until April 30, according to section 4.3.1 of the TMSU’s bylaws

The Faculty of Community Services, The Creative School and the Ted Rogers School of Management candidate slots remain vacant, as previously reported by The Eyeopener. Several director candidates were acclaimed, meaning they ran unopposed and were automatically elected, according to section 9.2.3 of the Elections Procedures Code

The executive committee must post vacancies occurring on or after Aug. 1, according to section 4.17.2 of the TMSU’s bylaws.

The vacancies must be posted for 14 days or longer, after which an interview process will take place. No less than two candidates can be sent to the current BoD for the election and ratification of the new BoD.

The byelection began on Oct. 30 and was held after the spring election was deemed “invalid,” due to bylaw violations and a misconduct investigation, as previously reported by The Eye

A summer interim BoD was announced at the end of April and served from May 1 to Nov. 3 of this year. 

Byelection results were calculated by a third-party election manager, Simply Voting, as shown in the voting report

“The following election results are certified by Simply Voting to have been securely processed and accurately tabulated by our independently managed service,” the report reads.

Here is your 2023-24 BoD: 

President: Nikole Dan

VP Operations: Aleksander Strazisar 

VP Education: Hetu Patel 

VP Equity: Patricia Doan 

VP Student Life: Nadir Janjua

2023-24 BoD Faculty Representatives:

Faculty of Arts (Two seats)

Andrew Ciddio

Jason Ramsay

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (Two seats)

Hasan Tahir

Ariana Zuniga

Faculty of Science (Two seats)

Aneesh Katyara

Lincoln Alexander School of Law (Two seats)

Fatima Sheikh 

Victor Ufot

International (One Seat)

Mohammad Khan

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