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to the right a girl with a shocked face looking at badly cropped group images of the boy bands One Direction and BTS
All Fun & Satire Multimedia Video

My Mom Sold Me to One Direction and BTS??

Ever gotten stuck in a dream state? Have you ever dreamt about being Y/N herself walking into her kitchen, only to find none other than One Direction and BTS themselves standing there?


Words: Zarmminaa Rehman 

Director of Photography: Konnor Killoran 

Editor and Director: Vanessa Kauk

Narrator and Y/N: Shaki Sutharsan

Mother: Negin Khodayari

Special thanks to our General Manager Liane McLarty 

Sound Effects Via Pixabay 

BTS photo by TV10/TenAsia licensed under CC BY 3.0

One Direction photo by DJRosstheboss licensed under CC BY 3.0

“12 handsome men” photos via Pixabay

Music by Dmitrii Kolesnikov and Yrii Semchyshyn via Pixabay

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