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Jake MacAndrew leaning against a table with a martini glass in front of him. An arrow pointing to the glass with the caption “Raw egg?” Title reads: Drink of the week.
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We Made a Cocktail from 1967

The Eyeopener’s Biz & Tech editor, Jake MacAndrew, recreates the classic Eyeopener Cocktail from 1967 containing raw egg yolk in the first of our revived Drink of the Week series. Please consume and drink responsibly.

Produced and Edited by Vanessa Kauk

Host and Bartender: Jake MacAndrew 

Camera A Operator: Konnor Killoran

Camera B Operator and Thumbnail: Sammy Kogan 

On Set Photographers: Vanessa Kauk and Divine Amayo

Drink Tester: Divine Amayo

Sound Effects and Music via Pixabay

Creme de noyaux image

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