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TMU’s law school will have a new home

By Anastasia Blosser and Gabriela Silva Ponte

Toronto Metropolitan University’s (TMU) Lincoln Alexander School of Law is set to be moved to 277 Victoria St. in 2025, according to a TorontoMet Today release.

The building is 11 storeys high with 115,000 square feet of space. Previously, TMU’s law school was located in the Podium Building at 350 Victoria St. 

The school acquired the building alongside 38 Dundas St. E. last summer, as previously reported by The Eyeopener

The school will be taking over the two buildings in the spring of 2025, with the hopes of adding accessibility and visibility to the university’s newly established law school, according to the release.

According to the release, the acquisitions align with the university’s campus master plan. The plan emphasized TMU’s need for additional square footage that could be dedicated to classrooms, teaching and research. 

The Lincoln Alexander School of Law was inaugurated in 2020, as previously reported by The Eye. It was renamed from Ryerson’s Faculty of Law to its current name in 2021, as previously reported by The Eye.

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