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Election ‘95: MP fears social spending cuts

By Brunella Mazzotta

Rosario Marchese is confident the NDP will be “a very effective opposition” despite their defeat in the June 8th provincial election.

“I believe the people will see us as the party that will represent their interests,” says Marchese, MPP for Fort York. 

Marchese recaptured his seat in the downtown riding for a second term.

“The NDP – unlike other governments during the recession – creates jobs,” said Marchese. “For this community, that’s an important point.”

But now that the Progressive Conservative party has a majority in the Legislature, social programs are in jeopardy. Marchese says the PCs will inevitably cut health, education and social services.

Despite this prospect, many of Ontario’s voters see Mike Harris and the PC party as a welcome change to the province.

The “Common Sense Revolution” is the foundation of Harris’ mandate as Premier. He has promised a 30 per cent tax cut, slashes in government spending, and welfare and education reform.

But Marchese and the NDP do not believe Harris’ promises.

Marchese says the PC election campaign “was all a big deception.” 

“Mikey doesn’t realize that he’s going to destroy us.”

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