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Opinion by Tara Stevens

Gary Fletcher supervises the Games Room in Jorgensen Hall. Since August he has been fixing the place up and trying to boost the room’s popularity by installing a sound system.

Fletcher’s duties include cleaning the games and making sure there are enough quarters. He says working at Ryerson’s a positive experience because “the people are nice and relaxed, and there’s not much pressure in here.”

Fletcher would like to open a toy store someday. Eye Love It asked him about some of his favorite things.

Orgazmo: Gary’s favorite movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, about ax-rated superhero.

The X-Files: “It’s original, different and easy to follow, not like a soap opera.”

Tinger: The name of Gary’s band, which he stole from a Vincent Price movie.

Electronica: “Even though it’s faceless with no band association, you can get away with liking it just for the music.”

Anywhere but the Guvernment: “There’s too many people in one place.”

New York City: “I was expecting to be battling out on the streets, but the people there were more polite than here.”

Chinatown Restaurants: “I like eating Chinese food there. It’s more authentic than, say, ordering meal #4 at the mall.”


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