Tibetan Music Festival

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By Jennifer Schmidt

Music from dance to pop, from alternative to Hip-Hop, from rhythm and blues to Irish Celtic; it’s all converging on Toronto this Saturday for an all-night party in support of Tibetan Freedom.

Ron Reid Jr. is organizing the Tibetan Music Festival with, among others, the Tengye Ling Tibetan Bhuddist Temple on Madison Ave. just north of Bloor.

Reid already had the idea of the festival in the back of his head but it was Alex Lee, who organized an event in support of Korean famine relief last fall, who showed him that one person could make a difference.

“After that I asked myself ‘If he can do it, why can’t I?’” says Reid.

The Tibetan Music Festival, happening at various locations (see guide below), has more than 70 bands, DJs, musicians and freedom fighters bringing their music together in hopes to make people aware of Tibet’s fight for freedom.

Proceeds go in most part to The Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India and the nuns of the Thukche Choling Monastery Nunnery in Katmandu, Nepal in order to help children who have become dependent or orphaned because of Tibet’s problems.

“Music is about freedom,” says Reid.  “musicians can play whatever they want and people can chose whether or not to listen.  But freedom is something Tibetans will never have unless we become more aware or take action.”

Reid hopes the festival will become an annual event.

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