Easy come, easy go

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Every year RyeSAC has about $3.2 million of your money to play with. RyeSAC is a non-profit student corporation and operates by collecting fees from more than 12,000 full-time students. Each full-time studet pays RyeSAC $83.96 infees.

RyeSAC collects about $900,000 and then allocates this to fund programs and services such as Copyrite, the Used Book Room, and the Games Room. “All profits go back to the students,” RyeSAC’s genreal manager John Fabrizio says. “The student fee we recieve hasn’t gone up in 10 years. The profits stay in the system to keep fees down.”

RyeSAC-runservices employ more than 45 students part-time.

Last year RyeSAC made $75, 000 from the Used Book Room and Copyrite together, plus $9,000 from the Games Room. RyeSAC also manages Oakham House and the Ram in the Rye ub. Since tking over control of Oakham House i 1996, RyeSAC spent $500, 00 on renovations and turned it into a money-making venture and the first popular pub on campus in years. RyeSAC made a whopping $70,000 profit from Oakham last year, which is more than 3 times the previous year’s profit.

The other major chunk RyeSAC’s operating budget is $119 collected from each student a year to pay into the health plan, for a total of $1.5 million.About 4,000 students opted out of the health plan, which covers prescription drugs and other health services, and about 8,700 stay. The student centre, which is expected to be built within two years, is being funded from RyeSAC’s separate reserve account. RyeSAC has put away $600,000 by taking $6 a year from student fees for the last 10 years to fund the long-awaited project.

-Vanessa Thomas

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