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By Steven Shaffer

  • Cut Travel Costs

Ryerson students can recieve free International and Student Identity (ISIC) cards from the Travel Cuts on the corner of Church and Gerrard streets. The card is great for finding deals around the world, and is the only student card accepted by VIA Rial.

Get free texts

You can se the INternet to find free copies of course texts, especially texts about Ryerson policy or computers. Lost your calendar chit and don’t feel like paying the two bucks for the hard copy? You can download it for free at ryerson.ca/calandar/1999-2000/index.htm

Get Rye Email

All Ryerson students have access to a Ryerson email account. To activate your account, go to ay computer lab on campus (see centre spread) and type in the info requested.

Get Money Back

Put a looney in the vending machine and your bag of chips gets stuck on the way down? You can call (416)-255-8688 and have them send you a looney by mail, but it’s easier to report the incident at the hub and get your looney back then and there.

Reduce Fines

If you have overdue library books and can’t afford to pay the fine, you can arrange a meeting with chief librarian, Eva Friesen, to work out a payment plan that’s good for you, or even try to get your fines reduced.

If your library books are lost or stolen, it’s cheaper for you to buy books on your own and bring them to the library, or you’ll be slapped with a $100 processing fee.

Get Birth Control

Free condoms are available for Ryerson students at the RyeSAC front desk in Jorgenson Hall and at the AIDS Education Project at Pitman Hall.

See a Doctor

If you’re in dire need of medical attention, you can go to Ryerson’s walk-in clinic (see centre spread) to see a doctor Be sure to bring your health card with you.

Get School Help

For academic support, Ryerson offers a variety of ree services designed for specific needs. At the Writing Centre, located beside the library entrance, students can work one-on-one with a student tutor to improve their writing skills.

Seek Counselling

On the fourth floor of Jorgenson at the Centre for Student Development and Counselling, students can seek academic, personal and career counselling.The centre also offers group programs including study and learning skills, relaxation training, and various career skills programs.

Make Complaints

Equity, Harassment, and Safety Services should not be a mystery to any Ryerson student. Security services (phone: 979-5000 ext. 5001) provide an after-hours campus walk and watch program where students, staff, and faculty are escorted to a safe location on or off campus.

At Harassment Prevention Services (ext. 7494), people who feel that they are being discriminated against can get help and make formal and informal complaints. The Office of Employment and Education Equity (ext. 7323) helps to maintain an employee and student population that is representative of Canada’s population, and provides support for international and aboriginal students, students with disabilities, and students from various ethnic backgrounds.

The Ombudsperson

If you have a concern that doesn’t fit cleanly into any particular area or if you don’t know where to turn, the Office of the Ombudsperson might be a good place to start. Located in Oakham House (Room D), Ombudperson Liz Hoffman meets with students who feel they’ve been sent from office to office, deals with recommendations for systemic change, refers to students to where they can get help, provides information and deal with cases not covered by policy. Hoffman is very accessible and occasionally meets up with students on nights and weekends if helpful.She can slo be reached at ext. 7450.

Rye Online

If this list hasn’t shed life on that particular resource or service you’re looking for, or if you want a complete list of the resources and services Ryerson has to offer, try ryerson.ca/services/#support.


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