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By Eyeopener Staff

1978: Beer began to flow legally at Oakham House after the campus pub was granted its first liquor licence.

Railings on the stairwells, a high-quality air filter system, and improvements to the electric system were only some of the changes that had to be made before the licence was handed over.

Oakham House management said it was losing nearly $800 a day by not serving booze.

1982: Students were fuming they couldn’t freely use the 31 new microcomputers Ryerson bought over the summer, even though they each paid a $25 fee to buy them.

But when though the new machines in the Learning Resource Centre could only be used during the day, administration encouraged students to put away their fears and give the intimidating computers a whirl.

“We want people to know computers aren’t scary,” said student advisor Reid Hart.

1983: The Hub offered giant-sized coffee for 85 cents.

1983: Students were enjoying the $600,000 worth of renovations to the basement of Jorgenson Hall—done, ironically enough, to get rid of the congested registration lineups Rye students had to endure.

Wow, that really worked.

1989: Classes at Kerr Hall were chaotic the first day of school after pranksters snuck into the building over the weekend and switched more than 500 room-number signs and nameplates.

“It must have taken them a long time,” said Tony Tebbutt, a project co-ordinator who worked in Rye’s physical resources department. “There were some signs on the first floor that belonged on the third floor.”

1998: Ryerson turned 50 years old and to celebrate, staff and students were invited to a free barbecue in the Quad.

Administration said the party would boost school spirit, but nobody cared about that.

“I love free food,” said one well-fed student at the party.

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