Students apathetic toward new RAC fees

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By Chris Johnston

Students have greeted a fee increase at the Ryerson Athletic Centre with the same attitude reserved for most things athletic at the university – who cares? Despite an increase in all fees – it now costs $10 to renew your card and $90 to take an aerobics class that would have been $40 last year – there does not seem to be a much dissent among the RAC faithful.

“It’s shitty to have to pay now,” said fourth-year marketing student, Adam Cann. “But you still get your money’s worth. It is a pretty nice facility.” The fee increase comes in response to reduced funding from Ontario Health Insurance Plan and to the steadily decreasing number of people attending aerobics classes in the past few years. The RAC no longer qualifies for athletic-therapy coverage from the government.

Jesse Reddit, a second-year applied geography student, thinks that the $10 renewal fee may actually encourage Ryerson students to get in shape. “It doesn’t bother me personally, but it may turn out to be a good thing for others,” she said. “If you pay for the service, you have more reason to use it.”

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