It’s a sex party, you’re invited

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By Adam Yerkie

“I walked in and they were showing this ass-bead thing that you, uh, put in your ass,” says first-year film student Bill Allinson.

Allinson and a few other timid guys were crowded at the back of a Pitman Hall lounge Thursday night while the front seats were occupied with girls –and one reporter.

Fantasia, a sex accessory shop, had an interesting presentation to make to these eager students. Think of a Tupperware party that your mom used to hold. Now, stop thinking about your mom because the Fantasia presentation has nothing to do with Tupperware and everything to do with plastic, phallic reproductions.

“Then she took out this dildo that she started spinning and changing colours. I couldn’t deal with it,” Allinson jokes. “I’m no prude but I’m not into the spinning dildos.”

The host of the party, Amanda Chard, came equipped with flashy stimulators, edible lube, and things with names like Tickle Her Pink, and The Feather Torture Tickler. Chard left her audience slightly more informed about their sexuality.

“I was really impressed. She was very well put together and really enthusiastic. Almost the entire floor was there. It was a good turn out and I think and everyone really enjoyed it,” says photography student Vicki Ward.

Of course, products that entice you to “take your favourite penis, put some whipped cream on it,” or “make your genitals tingle like a mint party or a Tic-Tac,” are bound to make anyone stick around for a bit.

“It wasn’t a sex show. It was fun and sexy, but there was a lot of other stuff to it, like safety and health,” says Stephanie Kittell, the first-year film student who organized the floor event.

Kittell ran into some fine folks from Fantasia at the recent Everything To Do With Sex Show held at the SkyDome. It was an easy sign up, sans fees of any sort, and a short wait for what came to be known as “Stephanie’s Sex Show” around the floor.

“It was free and entertaining. I had a blast. [Chard] was masturbating this big dildo for a while with this big suction thing. She was going nuts on that thing,” says Kittell. “I think that’s when everyone relaxed because they realized these kinds of things aren’t really dirty –just fun.”

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